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Podcast: 2013 Playoff Push

The playoff push is upon us and we are there for you.   Here is a ton more content.   We review strategy. We reveal how our personal teams are doing.  We review waiver wire pickups for redraft and dynasty. We also give a stock up or stock down for several players.  Comment below, or comment on Twitter or on Facebook.

Intro music – Wu-Tang Clan – Da Mystery of Chessboxin’

Outro Music – Pixies – Where is My Mind?

-Ron, Mike, and Tim

Podcast: 2013 First Quarter Review

This is out first in season podcast.  Here we review the first 4 games of the NFL season from a fantasy football perspective.  We hit on players that suprised us, good and bad.  We talked about players that rose from the dead and some young players that have impressed us.  We even make some predictions…sorta. This was created on 10/3 – so it’s funny how some things have changed dramatically in just 2 weekends. We’ll hit those in our 2nd Quarter Review so be sure to follow along with us…

Intro music – Ministry – N.W.O.

Outro Music – Tom Waits – 16 Shells from a thirty ought six

-Ron, Mike, and Tim