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2013 Week 8: We Told You So…

As usual in between advising the best players to pick up in your league off of waivers, til before we give you advice on who to start this coming week.  Let’s do a little scorecard review of how our Week 8 Sit/Start advice went.  We do this to show, that hey – sometimes you have the right rationale and things don’t work out, sometimes you make a great call, and sometimes – well you’re just wrong from the get-go.

We had a great week this week.  Lots of hits and very few misses.  See, we told you to listen to us.

Here are a few of the highlights.

We told you so…

Sit ‘em WR Steve Smith: 4 catches  for 42 yards.  He is a WR3/flex pay now a days.  He should only be started based on match ups.  We hit it on the head last week.

Start ‘em – RB Lamar Miller:  18 for 89 and 3 for 23 we predicted about 120 yards.  We are almost psychic, but we are definitely awesome.

Sit ‘em – WR Dwayne Bowe: 1 catch for 7 yards.  one for 7… think about that.  Then look up his salary. Resist the urge to throw yourself off a bridge.

Start ‘em – RB Darren McFadden: 78 total yards and 2 tds  RUN DMC is back from injury and looked ok against the Steelers.  His production was more than ok.

Start ‘em – WR Antonio Brown: 9 catches for 82 yards. He is worth more in a PPR league, but this guy  is a must start every week.

Start ‘em RB Andre Ellington:  15 carries for 154 yards, a  td and 2 catches for 8.  He is an every week flex back from this day forward. I am pretty sure that this will be his average workload moving forward – results from that workload may very.

Start ‘em TE Jordan Reed: 8 Catches for 90 yards.  RG3 looks his way early and often.  He has quickly become a TE1.  Who woulda thunk that?  You are also glad we told you to pick him up weeks ago!

Sit ’em RB Gio Bernard:  5 carries for 18 yards  and 1 catch for 9 yards.  If I told you the Bengals would put up 49 points and he would only have 27 total yards, you would have told me I nuts.  I still might be nuts, but we told you to sit him.  Listen to us, we know of what we speak.

We missed…

Start ‘em _ RB Khiry Robinson: 7 carries for 9 yards.  ummm ya… that is not exactly they type of production we were looking for here.

Start ‘em RB Jacquizz Rodgers: 4 touches 18 yards. Steven Jackson is back and this looks to make ‘The Quizz”  unstart-able.

Start ‘em WR Greg Jennings: 1 catch 9 yards. That’s a steaming pile of crap, is what that is.

Sit ‘em –  Any Ram:  This was a miss if you started Stacy, otherwise you should listen to us.


Sit ‘em RB CJ Spiller: We told you to sit him and he didn’t even play.  Incomplete grade, but I bet you are glad you sat him.  You DID sit him, right?

Sit ‘em – QB Jason Campbell :  293 and 2 tds  Great numbers for a start in KC with limited talent around him.  He was only worth a desperation start last week.  If he does this again… then color us interested.

Start ‘em: QB Michael Vick: pulled his hammy again. Incomplete grade.

:by Ron

2013 Week 7: We Told You So

As usual in between advising the best players to pick up in your league off of waivers, til before we give you advice on who to start this coming week.  Let’s do a little scorecard review of how our Week 7 Sit/Start advice went.  We do this to show, that hey – sometimes you have the right rationale and things don’t work out, sometimes you make a great call, and sometimes – well you’re just wrong from the get-go.

We had a great week this week.  Lots of hits and very few misses.  See, we told you to listen to us.

Here are a few of the highlights.

We told you so…

Start em – WR Vincent Jackson: Two more TD’s and another 100 yard game.  This guy really has something going with Rookie QB Mike Glennon

Start ‘em –WR Steve Smith: 5 for 69 and went for  and a TD.   This is just about what we thought here.

Sit ‘em –Rams offense: If you avoided this team last week you are not a wiener you’re a winner.

Sit ‘em – Lions TE’s: Pettigrew 3 catches for a whopping 7 yards.  He did get in the end zone to salvage something.  Fauria one catch for 15 yards.

Start ‘em – RB Ryan Matthews: His second consecutive 100 yard day. He even reached pay dirt. Things could be looking up for

Start ‘em – QB Andy Dalton: 372 and 3 touchdowns. Ladies and Gentlemen, the “Red Rocket” is on a roll

Start ‘em – TE Rob Gronkowski: 8 for 114.  His arm and back look ok to me.

Start’ em – RB Le’von Bell: 19 for 93 yards and a catch for 6 yards.  A touchdown would have been icing on this flex play

Start ‘em –TE Jermichael Finley: 5 for 72 and a touchdown.  Too bad about his injury.  He was having a good year.

Sit ‘em – RB Joseph Randle: 19 carries and only 65 yards.  That’s about what we figured for him.  An unremarkable game by most accounts.

We missed…

Start ‘em – RB Bilal Powell: Well we were right that someone was going to run for 100 yards against the Patriots. For some reason Powell was phased out and Ivory ran the rock 34 times!

Start ‘em – RB Trent Richardson: Maybe he just isn’t as good as people think he is.   He has been struggling and last game was no different. He also lost a crucial fumble.

Sit ‘em – QB Matt Ryan: 273 and 3 TD’s without Julio and Roddy.  Good job Matt Ryan, you should us something even if it was against the Bucs.


Start ‘em – QB Colin Kapernick: 199 yards passing and 68 rushing and a rushing TD, isnt a bad day by any standard.  We just thought he would do more through the air.

Sit’em – Seahawks WR’s: As we have been saying all year its a crapshoot.  Tate and Rice had OK games. Baldwin was the odd man out last week.

Start ‘em – WR Justin Blackmon: 9 targets 6 catches but only 58 yards.  depends on your league, in a PPR he was OK, yardage league not so much.

Start ‘em – WR Pierre Garcon: 8 targets 5 catches for 58 yards.  see above.


:by Ron

2013 Week 6: We Told You So

Let’s do a little scorecard review of how our Week 6 Sit/Start advice went.  We do this to show, that hey – sometimes you have the right rationale and things don’t work out, sometimes you make a great call, and sometimes – well you’re just wrong from the get-go

We Told you so

Sit ‘em – Giants Defense – they gave up 372 yards, 27 points and didn’t affect a turn the ball over or get any sacks

Start ‘em- QB Joe Flacco:  342 yards and a td.  A nice day against a defense that is on a downward trend.   I would have liked another TD, but he exceeded my yardage expectation.

Sit ‘em – Any Ram until proven otherwise: The rams only had 216 yards of offense in this game.  Unacceptable.  Their D and St got points based on the Houston implosion and TJ Yates.  I’m still not sure what to think of this team.

 Sit ‘em – QB Terrell Pyror: He was sacked 10 times, threw 3 picks only 216 yards and ran 6 times for 60yards  rushing.  He actually did a little better than I thought, but still had a very rough day.   Starting a young QB in Arrowhead against a good team is a tough play.  I think Pryor has a good future, but you have to be judicious on the starts.

Start ‘em – WR Justin Blackmon: We were thinking garbage time for this game, but he was primetime.  Blackmon played great.  With steadier QB play, he has the potential to be a elite player. 14 Catches  for 190 yards .   A TD would have icing on the cake.

Sit ‘em – Marques Colston:  Colston is becoming a match up play based on his low and inconsistent production.  One catch for 11 yards on 3 targets is not a good day for anyone, let alone a guy your drafted to be a WR1 or WR2

Sit ‘em – RB Joique Bell:  33 yards total offense.  The pride of Wayne State, has been a little banged up.  Couple that with Reggie Bush’s excellent play, and it’s hard for him to get touches.    I still think he is a valuable player, but only as a spot start until proven otherwise.

Start ‘em  – WR Terrance Williams:  2 catches for 27 yards and a TD.   The touchdown salvaged the day.  The excellent special teams play of Dallas made this game hard to evaluate from a offensive perspective.

Start ‘em WR Keenan Allen:  9 catches for 107 yards and 1 td on  12 targets . If you own him and he can keep this up, you may have struck fantasy gold.


Oops we missed…

A few misses…

Sit’em QB’s Nick Foles : This guy threw for 3 TD’s, 296 yard and ran for another TD. If that isn’t a miss, I don’t know what is.  However, as a backup QB’s first start of the year, against a solid D on the road, I would still find it hard to recommend a start.   But ya, we swung and missed on this one.

Start ‘em – WR Alshon Jeffery: Well this was a total whiff.   1 catch for 27 yards on 5 targets.

Start ‘em- TE Tyler Eifert:  When Andy Daulton throws for over 300 yards you  expect more out of him.  2 catches for 13 yards.

Start ‘em WR Jeremy Kerley: 2 catches for 19 isn’t going to cut the mustard.   I am surprised by this lack of production. The Steelers defense played well and QB Geno Smith played like a rookie is going to play, inconsistent.

Start ‘em- WR Golden Tate:   5 catches for 33 yards on 7 targets.  The targets are encouraging, the yardage total is not.  Seattles WR’s are a crapshoot.

Some Examples of our “pushes”

Start ‘em- Texans Defense:  it wasn’t their fault they lost. Yes, the Texans team gave up 38 points.  Most of that had to do with turnovers.  The Texans defense only gave up 210 yards of offense!

Start ‘em- WR Greg Jennings: He had the targets at 10 and catches at 6, but only 34 yards.   If you are in a PPR league, this might have been OK for you.  If you are in a pure yardage league, this was unacceptable.    10 targets is a good omen moving forward.  Obviously, the yardage totals need to increase to make Jennings a viable start week to week.

Start ‘em TE Robert Gronkowski:  Well he didn’t play.  Providing you paid attention to the injury reports, this is an incomplete.  If you didn’t look at the injury report and started him blindly, oops our bad.

Start ‘em- anyone wearing orange possibly even the guy in the barrel. – Holy hell – if you have any Broncos – Manning, Demarius Thomas, Julius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker, Knowshon Moreno, even Kicker Matt Prater –   because we told you to start everyone, this would really depend on whom you started.  Overall, it’s a mixed bag.  The Jaguars played much better than anyone anticipated.  There is some pride in Jacksonville and that is good for the league.


2013 Week 4: We Told You So

As usual in between advising the best players to pick up in your league off of waivers, til before we give you advice on who to start this coming week.  Let’s do a little scorecard review of how our Week 4 Sit/Start advice went.  We do this to show, that hey – sometimes you have the right rationale and things don’t work out, sometimes you make a great call, and sometimes – well you’re just wrong from the get-go.

We Told you so…

Start ’em RB Frank Gore:  Again this was obvious, so it’s nice to see that less than a week after the Niners inexplicably cut his reps – that Gore returned with vengeance last Thursday Night.  Finally getting 20 carries (and would’ve prob gotten more if the game was close) Gore went for 153 yards and a TD.  Don’t make me call you out again Niners, use this man.

Sit ’em TE Jared Cook:  Cook has talent and 4 catches for 45 yards is a decent average, but the Rams are a disaster right now.  QB Sam Bradford’s regression is getting worse every time he takes the field – we can always debate the several reasons why, but you can no longer debate that he’s a struggling QB.  Cook can only be a difference maker when the Rams have any other weapon for defenses to focus on, or when they don’t need him as an inline blocker.  I just don’t see these two things happening very often in 2013.  You can’t drop Cook, but he goes from being a weekly start to a matchup based play – and cross your fingers.

Start ’em WR Torrey Smith: 5 catches for 166 yards and a TD.  Joe Flacco may have struggled with 5 INT’s, but Smith is approaching legitimate fantasy #1 WR status this season based on increased targets.  Smith has had the physical talent since he entered the league, it’s just before this year Flacco divided his attention too many other places for a true breakout.  Welp,  with Boldin gone, and TE Dennis Pitta on I/R you can bet Flacco is going to turn to Smith whenever possible.  So with a juicy matchup like this he was bound to produce.

Sit ’em TE Fred Davis: This was a layup too, Davis barely played and saw no looks in the passing game.   The message is clear – he is on his way out in DC.

Start ’em – Cardinals Defense: This is what we figured would happen with Brian Hoyer’s debut last week.  An ok defense vs a rookie QB should generate something like the Cardinals did – 10 Points Against, 2 sacks, and 3 turnovers forced.

Sit’ em – Cardinals Running Backs:  Mendenhall fumbled twice (losing one) and managed just 21 yards on 12 carries.   Change of pace back- rookie Andre Ellington had 29 yards on just 4 carries, but 25 of those came on one carry.  The Cardinals offense is slipping down a similar spiral to that of division foe the Rams.  They’re just beat up on the OL and it is hurting their running game.

Sit’ em – Chris Johnson: Johnson is always frustrating and tantalizing for fantasy owners.  Gone are the days of him flirting with 200 yard days, and against good defenses like the Jets you have to expect him to struggle.  15 carries was good, but the 21 yards total he made off of them were not.

 Start ’em – Dez Bryant and Tony Romo – Actually Romo’s 244 yards was a little disappointing, but hooking up with Dez Bryant for 81 yards and 2 TD’s proves that these 2 are weekly starts and among the top fantasy combo in the league.

Sit’ em – Lance Moore: You knew drafting Lance Moore would lend itself to some down weeks, due to the Saints spreading out the ball.  What you didn’t know was that through 4 games he wouldn’t have a single good week.  And to boot his last game he was inactive because of injury – Moore is probably not even roster worthy in average size 12 team leagues right now.  It’s a semi-shocking development, but Moore cannot be counted on as even a WR4 right now.

Oops we missed…

Sit ’em All Browns except for maybe TE Jordan Cameron: We almost got away with this one, because we made an exception for Cameron (10 catches 91 yards 1 td)…while Willis McGahee (15 carries for 46 yards) and WR Josh Gordon (4 catches for 71 yards) had average or below days.   But, Brian Hoyer burned us again.  With 269 yards and, more importantly: no INT’s, Hoyer turned in an excellent fantasy day.  It is very, very difficult to explain what is happening in Cleveland the last 2 weeks.  I don’t want to say I’m buying it long term, but for now I am going to stop vehemently betting against them.

Start ’em WR Ryan Broyles: After talking about how the Lions were going to unleash him this week, and with the injury to Burelson ahead of him – things looked great for Broyles.  The problem?  Broyles was targeted just once – not caught just one pass (b/c he didn’t), that means they looked his way once.  So, we were all duped…Broyles needs more time in this offense clearly to earn Matt Stafford’s trust and/or chemistry.  You simply can’t play the promising 2nd year man right now in any format.

Sit ’em WR Alshon Jeffery: 5 catches for 107 yards and a TD.  Just when I finally got tired of waiting for Jeffery to show up, he does it when I doubt him.  Typical – I called it, reverse jinx.  Anyway, I still love Jeffery but good luck figuring out when these type of games will happen – I don’t think the light is all the way on there yet.

Start ’em: WR Hakeem Nicks: With just 3 catches for 33 yards looked the worst I’ve seen him all season- probably in his entire career.  We’ve noticed his limping since the preseason, but now on top of his awkward running he seems to have a minor case of the drops.  The Giants have played in tons of garbage time and this was a matchup where the Chiefs were without their top CB Brandon Flowers…and yet still Nicks disappoints.  I think Nicks may be playing his way out of New York right now, and maybe mentally he’s checked out to some degree.

Sit ’em RB Le’Veon Bell: Biggest miss of the week.  I did not expect the rookie to turn in 2 TD’s during his opening game. 57 yards may not have seemed like he ran wild, but I give Bell credit as he ran hard and even caught 4 passes.  He’s not a weekly lock to start in fantasy every week just yet b/c the Steelers OL is still very suspect and they will play tougher defenses…but, Bell is at least an option for his own team and fantasy owners going forward.


Sit’ em – Matt Schaub: Here’s the ultimate example of being correct in real life and wrong in fantasy.  When it mattered most Schaub threw his 2nd INT of the day and cost his team the game.  (Click on the youtubes for some clips of Texans fans burning his jersey afterwards)  But fantasy owners won’t soon forget that against a good Seattle pass defense, with a banged up Andre Johnson, that Schaub threw for 355 yards and 2 Td’s to go with those 2 picks.   Reality was not kind to Schaub, but fantasy owners have to respect the effort.

Start ’em – Doug Martin: Martin did get close to 30 carries, but managed a mere 45 yards on 27 attempts.  The Cardinals simply did not respect rookie QB Mike Glennon, and stopping Martin became the top priority.

Start ’em – Mike Wallace: Wallace managed just 3 catches for 24 yards, and had a nice drop to boot.  Wallace is constantly a WR1 tease, and it seems like only when he’s really upset is he part of the game plan and playing well.  It may take the Dolphins awhile to figure out how to get the most from him week in and week out.

Some Examples of our “pushes”

Start ’em – Russell Wilson: It’s getting tougher and tougher to recommend Wilson as a weekly start.  The OL has injuries, and he doesn’t have a lot of dynamic weapons either – the fact is in this game he was just not part of the plan of attack.  Just 12 of 23 for 123 and an INT.  Luckily for fantasy owners Wilson did get 77 yards rushing, which depending on your league’s scoring could have helped you salvage the day.  In 4 games Wilson has only thrown for over 300 yards once – during the opening weekend…and has failed to hit even 150 yards – twice.  Fantasy owners may have to rethink whether Wilson is a weekly start or part of a rotation with your other QB.  The OL, the lack of passing weapons, the game plan committed to run 1st – these are all obstacles toward Wilson’s stats on a weekly basis.

Start ’em – Santonio Holmes: Holmes had one catch for 25 yards before leaving with a hamstring injury.  So we get an incomplete here, and it’s too bad because it looked for a game and a quarter anyway, that Holmes was finally returning to borderline WR1 form.

Start ’em RB Darren McFadden: McFadden has the same story as Holmes, he had 6 carries for 29 yards (nearly a 5 YPC) before having to leave with an injury.  Just like Holmes, he was on track to rebound after an injury filled career – and even if this turns out to be a minor thing you have to wonder how many games this year will have a similar storyline.

 Start ’em – Steven Ridley: Ridley had 53 yards on the ground and 26 in the passing game.  And it was it best game of the season by far….think about that….8 fantasy points in standard league non-PPR scoring was his best effort of 2013.  To his credit he is running better (4.8 ypc) and getting carries taken away by committee (only 11 carries in this one), but think about why that is…The Pats have realized (finally) that Ridley is a limited, average NFL RB.  It’s unlikely he will ever be a feature back for them again, and without 20+ touches a week fantasy owners will have to swallow that this guy is no longer the RB2 they thought they were getting.  Ridley is an ok flex play, and we’ll have to see if his value goes even lower if Vereen makes it back in 2013.  You could live with this performance, but be wary of him going forward.


:by Mike

2013 Week 3: We Told You So

It’s that time of the week again, where before we release our Sit and Starts for Week 4, that we have to look back on our calls from Week 3.   From the Browns and Colts winning to the Giant collapse in Carolina,  Week 3 was the most unpredictable one we’ve had yet in 2013.  Reviewing our fantasy advice from last week reflects that difficulty, but as an owner you have to make the calls that make sense to you and let fate play it out.   Let’s check our some of our report card…

We Told you so…

Sit ’em: TE Brent Celek – 2 catches for 18 yards.   Celek is a solid TE in a great situation, but he’s not so talented that he’s an every week play.  The Chiefs continue to hold the TE position in check.

Sit ’em RB David Wilson: 11 carries for 39 yards.   I maintain Wilson will have some fantasy use ahead (he had a TD called back in this one), but the Giants are a mess right now so he’s tough to trust.   Why did he not catch a pass in this one?

Start ’em RB DeAngelo Williams: My slam dunk of the week.  120 yards for Williams, with the normal complaint that they just can’t find him the endzone.

Sit ’em RB James Starks:  14 carries for 55 yards, and then he got hurt.  Next up Jonathan Franklin. The Green Bay RB situation is a constant temptress that will break your heart again and again….unless you checked our advice 🙂

Sit ’em RB Steven Ridley: Ridley owners I think you should be more worried than David Wilson owners. 11 carries for just 35 yards.  Wilson is force fed the ball despite struggling, Ridley is being phased out right in front of our eyes.  It’s clear New England would rather roll with the Shane Vereen or Brandon Bolden pass catching type than the hard-nosed Ridley 3 YPC.  When Vereen comes back Ridley may well be a fantasy bench mainstay.

Sit ’em RB Mark Ingram: Mark Ingram missed Week 3 with a toe injury.  He had about the same production he usually has….boo-yah!

Sit ’em WR Eddie Royal – Royal had just 2 catches for 34 yards.  He was due to come back to earth, he still has potential as a fantasy reserve in most leagues.

Start ’em TE Antonio Gates: 5 catches for 55 yards and a 1 TD.  Gates will never be the #1 fantasy TE at this point in his career, but he is still very capable of getting it done with good matchups.

Start ’em RB Joique Bell: And I made this call when I thought Reggie Bush would play a little. 63 yards on the ground, 69 yards in the passing game, and a TD.  Bell is a viable flex starter when Bush is healthy, when he’s not like this past weekend Bell is a viable RB2.  There’s just too much production in the Lions’ offense right now.

Sit ’em TE Fred Davis: Davis was injured for this game and didn’t suit up.  No one really noticed, because he’s being phased out of the weekly gameplan in DC.  When healthy he’ll be a desperation TE play only.

Sit ’em RB Steelers whomever it is: RB Jonathan Dwyer and RB Felix Jones totaled 73 yards together and nearly split that down the middle.  Their receiving total was about 20 yards and they split that as well.  Isaac Redmon watched from the bench.  Let this be a warning to hopeful Le’Veon Bell owners – it’s going to be a tough road for the Steelers this year.

Oops we missed…

Start ’em WR Anquan Boldin: Boldin’s 5 catches for 67 is actually kind of impressive considering how bad the Niners’ offense looked.  He was hurt by the lack of a secondary option like TE Vernon Davis who was out with injury.

Start ’em: RB Ben Tate: I’m convinced Tate is put on this earth to confuse and frustrate me.  9 carries for 36 yards against a tough Ravens’ run d, Tate remains a tease – but it’s not like starter Arian Foster tore it up either.

Sit ’em: RB Bernard Pierce –67 yards and a score. It was just about a 3 yard average but Pierce was named the full starter for this one after I made the call to sit ’em (of course) and his 24 carry workload got him the production.  In his regular role we would’ve been correct.

Start ’em TE Tyler Eifert: It’s official Andy Dalton is having trouble connecting with the rookie.  1 catch for 7 yards? Eifert’s talent is currently being wasted.

Sit ’em RB Demarco Murray: My biggest miss of the week – 175 yards and a TD, plus 28 yards in the air?  I was right that the Rams have an overrated defense…I just did not think the Cowboys would use him that much. Wow.

Sit ’em WR Josh Gordon: 147 yards and a long TD.  In his 1st game back?  With Brian Hoyer chucking it?  Yeah this was completely unforeseeable.  Gordon did have an insane 19 targets, and his TD happened not with anything special he did, but rather a terribly blown coverage that had no defender within 10 yards of him.  So the stats don’t tell the whole story.  Still this is fantasy football so the stats are what matters.  It was an incredible 2013 debut.

Start ’em WR Andre Roberts:  For the 2nd week in a row, Roberts had a TD look robbed – in Week 2 it was pass interference against him, this week Carson Palmer overthrew him when he was wide open.  Instead he finished with just one catch for 6 yards.  Oh what could’ve been…

Start ’em RB Chris Ivory: Ivory had one carry, got hurt again…and then watched Bilal Powell run well with a real workload.   Ivory indicated after the game that his hamstring has been hindering him since training camp, and given his history the Jets may shut him down for many weeks.

Start ’em RB Knowshon Moreno: Coming off a big week it makes sense that Denver would give him only 12 carries.  God damn this is Green Bay but worse.  I’m not saying Moreno is a worldbeater (he managed a little over 3 YPC), but how can rookie Montee Ball get 11, and Hillman get 9…when both of them have proven to have fumble problems?  I mean Ball fumbled again in this one late…is it because they spent draft picks on these guys?  Any hope of Moreno putting the stranglehold on this job, just went out the window.

Some examples of our “pushes”…

Start ’em: QB Alex Smith – This one depends on your expectations and league scoring.  That Smith had no TD’s was disappointing, but he did finish with 273 yards, no turnovers, and kicked in 32 yards rushing.   That may not scream starter to you…but if say you had a guy like QB Eli Manning starting instead of him in week 3…wouldn’t you kill for this type of day?

Start ’em Minnesota Defense: Depends a lot on your league scoring, but they definitely disappointed allowing Brian Hoyer to pass for over 300 yards and 3 scores.  However, they did somewhat salvage their day with 4 turnovers and 3 sacks – so again depends on how much your league penalizes for points/yardage vs rewards turnovers/sacks.

Sit ’em WR Kendall Wright: 6 catches for 71 yards.  With a long of 19 yards, Wright beat my expectations by a little, but he’s still primarily a short possession guy.  This would’ve been about a 7 point fantasy production in standard leagues, would that have been good for you?  Depends on what you needed from him.

Sit ’em RB Jacquizz Rodgers: Inexplicably the Falcons gave their lighter scat back style RB 18 carries, and he only got one catch.  While they gave Jason Snelling (a real rb) 11 carries and 4 catches.  Rodgers produced 86 yards and no scores, and frankly without the 18 carries he wouldn’t have gotten much done.  8 standard fantasy points is yours to judge.

:by Mike

2013 Week 2: We told you so

So before we come out with our Sits/Starts for the week tomorrow, let’s look back at our recommendations for Week 2 and see how they played out. We’re not always going to be right, and to claim so would be a lie pretty easily transparent.  Heck, in my own personal fantasy leagues I went 1-4 in Week 2, sometimes Lady Luck takes a holiday on you.

We told you so…Week 2

Start ‘em: QB Aaron Rodgers & QB Robert Griffin IIIRG3 has been a a disappointing “real life” QB coming off his injury, but for fantasy purposes his garbage points have been a boon.

Start ‘em: WR Jordy Nelson, WR Randall Cobb, WR James Jones, and TE Jermichael Finely. – see James Jones owners?  149, and he fumbled away a TD Leon Lett style.  Just insane ouput for all of these guys.

Start ‘em: RB CJ Spiller – 129 total yards, after only about 40 in Week 1.  Why Fred Jackson is getting goalline work is beyond me.

Start ‘em: TE Greg Olsen – 7 for 84 yards and a TD.  Imagine if Cam Newton ever really settles down and develops accuracy?

Sit ‘em: WR Kenny Britt – 4 catches for 28 yards was actually an improvement from Week 1.  As we recommended in our Waiver Add/Drop article yesterday – it’s time to cut Britt in standard redraft leagues.

Start ‘em TE Owen Daniels: Owen once again adds a TD to his stat line.  His catch #’s and yards may fluctuate throughout the season – but he will always be a high priority redzone option for Matt Schaub.

Start ’em RB Lamar Miller – 69 yards and a TD on just 14 carries.  And this is why you don’t panic over week 1 disappointments – especially with young players.

Sit ‘em: Brian Hartline – I like Hartline and I’ve owned him before, but as I said some weeks there just aren’t gonna be enough balls to go round.

Start ’em Mike Wallace  – 115 yards and a TD.  There was no way the Dolphins would ignore him 2 weeks in a row.

Start ‘em: TE Jordan Cameron – 95 yards.  Cameron nearly had back to back 100 yard weeks for a TE.  That probably hasn’t happened in Cleveland since Ozzie Newsome himself suited up.

Start ‘em: RB LeSean McCoy – McCoy can just kill you so many ways.  114 yards receiving this week.

Start ’em: QB Michael Vick: 428 yards and 2 Td’s.  Vick is once again a FFL MVP type of player – health is always a concern, but you have to ride him when he’s out there.

Sit ’em: WR Anquan Boldin – from 200 yards in Week 1 to 7 yards in Week 2.  Looks like Ron doesn’t have to eat his hat.

Start ‘em: Doug Martin – 144 yards on the ground.  With 29 carries hes emerging as one of the last few workhorse RB’s.

Start ‘em: Jay Cutler- 290 yards and 3 TD’s against 2 Int’s is a pretty strong day.

We missed on…

Sit ’em – RB Alfred Morris – 120 Yards.  If I can take credit for Rg3’s garbage time numbers I guess I have to take the blame for Morris’ garbage time compilation.

Sit ’em: WR Stevie Johnson –  8 catches for 110 yards and the game winning TD. Pretty much about as big a middle finger to a bench recommendation as there is – he led the team with 10 targets.

Sit ’em: RB Ahmad Bradshaw – 65 and a TD, the TD bailed out what would been an average day, but that’s what TD’s do.

Start ’em RB Maurice Jones-Drew – 10 carries for just 27 yards.  If you can’t get it done against Oakland (especially a TD) than I have real concerns that this is finally the twilight of pocket Hercules.

Start ’em QB Terrell Pryor – 126 yards passing, 50 yards rushing. No Td’s.  I called it, the minute we recommend him – he goes south on us.

Start ’em TE  Vernon Davis – Davis was held down even before he injured himself, if he gets healthy he’ll have better weeks.

Start ‘em: David Wilson – Wilson is definitely in a downward trend.  The team simply cannot run the football.

Start ‘em: Kenny Stills – 1 catch for 10 yards.  He was a victim of the entire Saints offense struggling and when clicking, clicking through TE Jimmy Graham.

Start ‘em: Miles Austin – Just 3 catches for 31 yards.

Sit ‘em: Kyle Rudolph42 and a TD. This is the typical limit of his upside, so it’s tough to know when it will happen.

Start ’em: TE Jared Cook – 1 catch for 10 yards.  He did get 6 targets and should have bigger weeks ahead.

Start ’em: Steven Ridley – Just 40 yards, if I own Ridley in redraft leagues I am waiting til he has a big week and then trying to trade him before Vereen comes back.

Examples of some of our “pushes”…you make the call whether we got it or not.

Sit ’em Ben Tate:  Tech my reasoning was right – Tate only got nine carries in this one, and when the game was literally on the line at the goalline, the Texans gave the ball to Arian Foster on both the TD, and the game tying 2 point conversion.  However,  Tate was somehow able to get 93 yards on those few carries and 9 points production can be pretty good for you in standard leagues.

Start ‘em: RB Deangelo Williams – 85 yards without a score may not be the best, but it was his 2nd week in a row of reasonable flex type production.

Sit ‘em: RB Ben Jarvis Green Ellis & RB Gio Bernarda split decision.  BJE would’ve only netted you 7 points in a standard league, but Gio’s 2 Td’s would’ve had you north of 18 pts in standard leagues.   So we’ll call this one half right.

Start ‘em: RB Steven Jackson – Jackson got injured after scoring an early TD so I’m giving an Inc grade on this one.

:by Mike

2013 Week 1: We told you so…

This is a review of our Start’em and Sit’em in week one.  Unlike other sites, we hold ourselves accountable.  This is a weekly review of how we did.

We told you so…Week 1

Start ‘em- Andre Johnson- 12 for 146. Rumors of his demise look to be unfounded.
Start ‘em –Miles Austin-10 for 72 a PPR dream. He looked healthy. Could be a boon for the few that took a chance on himin the draft.
Sit ‘em – Cardinals Running backs –26 carries for 86 yards. Mendenhall looked OK, Alfonso Smith was ineffective. Weak line play all around. Not a great situation
Start ‘em-Vernon Davis- 6 for 98 and a TD. If he and Kaep are on the same page this year…watch out.
Sit ‘em – Lamar Miller- 11 touches for 10 yards. That is not going to cut it. Be very worried if you own him.
Sit ‘em – BenJarvis Green Ellis- 14 rushes for 25 yards… salvaged the day for anyone who started him by scoring a TD. It might be time to get concerned here.
Start ‘em- Martellus Bennett – 3 for 49 and a TD Could have had more as he was targeted 6 times
Start ‘em- Greg Olsen – 5 for 56 and would have had more if he didn’t have 2 or 3 drops. 10 targets is promising.
Start ‘em- Russell Wilson – 320 yards and a TD. Red zone miscues cost him a few more opportunities.

Sit ‘em – Cecil Shorts – 3 for 40 yards on 11 targets. Yikes. 11 targets, at least he is getting chances. I love the talent but his situation worries me some.
Start ‘em – Jamaal Charles – 77 yards rushing, 23 receiving and a td. He would have had more if he didn’t get dinged up in the 3rd quarter.
Sit ‘em – Jets – Only Rookie Geno Smith and TE Kellen Windslow did anything here. If you started either of those guys, you are either clairvoyant or a liar.
Sit ‘em- Jake Locker – 11 for 20 and 125 yards… Jake you still have to prove to me you are worth a start.
Start ‘em – Torry Smith- 4 for 92. Probably would have gotten more if Jacoby Jones didn’t get hurt.
Start ‘em – Demarius Thomas – 5 for 161 and 2 TDs. This guy is a monster.

Sit ‘em – Greg Jennings- 3 for 33. This is not a good sign vs. a leaky Lions secondary. Hopefully is just a one week anomaly

We swung, we missed

Sit ‘em – Any Raider unless it’s Darren McFadden – Terrell Pryor, we are sorry. You are fantasy relevant.
Start ‘em- Frank Gore – 21 for 44 and a TD. Not bad, but we were expecting more.
Start ‘em- Chris Givens- 2 for 27. He didn’t get behind the D like we expected him to.
Start ‘em – Steven Ridley- 9 rushes for 46 yards. If he could only hold onto the ball…

Sit ‘Em Mike Vick –  We sure missed here, but going into Week 1 with no knowledge of the offense or how Vick was going to be used, I think this was a strategic sit.

The rest of our picks were pushes, neither good nor bad