About Us

We love football.   We love fantasy football.  And we sorta are kinda in a long term relationship with talking fantasy football.   It’s gonna take us a bit to get our feet under us, but when we do you’ll find content here that will help aid you through your fantasy battles season in, and season out.

We’re just guys with opinions – but they’re unbiased and informed, and they may just help you enjoy the world of ffl even more.  So please give us a listen we think you’ll find fantasy football enlightenment.

Who we are….

Tim Brown


My favorite NFL team is the New England Patriots.  I have liked them since I was a wee lad. Looking back on it, I think the real reason for me liking them is Pat Patriot in the three point stance.  I have been playing fantasy football since 2004 my first year playing I really didn’t know what I was doing, but I do remember one of my 1st picks in a fantasy draft was  Fred Beasley.   Yes, the former San Francisco 49er fullback. Since that,  I have pretty much made the playoffs in my dynasty league since its inception in 2008 and routinely beat down teams in my other leagues. I am currently in 5 fantasy leagues. My one claim to fame is trying to block Dwight Freeney while playing left tackle as a high school freshman  in mop up duty.

Ron Brown


A Seahawks fan from birth, this guy is a a true jedi when it comes to fantasy football.  He has played since 1996. This was before the internet, when mail and phone calls dominated.  He has been a stat nerd since he was a youngin.’  His watching of NFL rewind  is only surpassed by his watching of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  You can’t really stop him.  You can only hope to contain him. 

Mike Forte


When I’m not scouring the globe for the world’s best curry, trying to memorize Japanese kanji, relentlessly editing one of my many virtual homes in Skyrim, or abandoning any number of amateur writing projects – I am busy thinking about football.  And yes, ladies good news – I am single!  I’m a former Washington Redskins season ticket holder and current displaced mega fan.  I bleed the burgundy and gold, which may just happen to be a happy coincidence of an overabundance of iron caused by a slight contamination of  the local drinking well.    I love and hate fantasy football – having won championships, but also watching many a fantasy dream lay crumpled on the field like Joe Theisman’s leg or Rg3’s knee.  Love hurts man. Love hurts.


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