2014 Offseason – Jason Avant to Carolina

Jason Avant signed with the Carolina Panthers today on a one-year deal.  They must read The Art of Score because we suggested this weeks ago.  Here and Here.

In all seriousness, this was a great move for the Panthers.  Avant isn’t the most fantasy relevant player in the league, that much is certain.  However, he is one of the best slot men in the game and will help Cam Newton out as a chain mover on third down.   He also is one of the most sure-handed WR’s in the game, the exact opposite of former Panther WR Brandon LaFell.

The Panthers are not done on the WR front in FA or in the draft.  They have no down field threat at all. The need to get younger and more explosive is a must. WR draftees like Odell Beckham and Brandon Cooks are players that could be looking that team in the face at the end of the first round.  Drafting two such WR’s is a very plausible scenario here. In addition to that, Cotchery and Avant have been signed to cap friendly short-term deals.   Having signed these two veterans means that the Panthers won’t have to start two inexperienced WR’s and that is a good thing.  Conversely, because they are short term deals, Carolina must hit on a WR  in the draft or they will end up in the same situation next year.

The Panthers could also hedge their bet a little after the draft.  Free agent WR’s such as Miles Austin, Sidney Rice, and Santonio Holmes will still be around after the draft and could be tempting depending how the Panthers draft unfolds.

No matter what the move, no matter how subtle, all off season moves matter and its ripples are felt throughout a teams roster.

Overall, the fantasy impact for the Avant move is low.  It helps Cam more than anyone else.  The real impact is the increased roster flexibility throughout the draft and offseason.






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