2013 Week 7: We Told You So

As usual in between advising the best players to pick up in your league off of waivers, til before we give you advice on who to start this coming week.  Let’s do a little scorecard review of how our Week 7 Sit/Start advice went.  We do this to show, that hey – sometimes you have the right rationale and things don’t work out, sometimes you make a great call, and sometimes – well you’re just wrong from the get-go.

We had a great week this week.  Lots of hits and very few misses.  See, we told you to listen to us.

Here are a few of the highlights.

We told you so…

Start em – WR Vincent Jackson: Two more TD’s and another 100 yard game.  This guy really has something going with Rookie QB Mike Glennon

Start ‘em –WR Steve Smith: 5 for 69 and went for  and a TD.   This is just about what we thought here.

Sit ‘em –Rams offense: If you avoided this team last week you are not a wiener you’re a winner.

Sit ‘em – Lions TE’s: Pettigrew 3 catches for a whopping 7 yards.  He did get in the end zone to salvage something.  Fauria one catch for 15 yards.

Start ‘em – RB Ryan Matthews: His second consecutive 100 yard day. He even reached pay dirt. Things could be looking up for

Start ‘em – QB Andy Dalton: 372 and 3 touchdowns. Ladies and Gentlemen, the “Red Rocket” is on a roll

Start ‘em – TE Rob Gronkowski: 8 for 114.  His arm and back look ok to me.

Start’ em – RB Le’von Bell: 19 for 93 yards and a catch for 6 yards.  A touchdown would have been icing on this flex play

Start ‘em –TE Jermichael Finley: 5 for 72 and a touchdown.  Too bad about his injury.  He was having a good year.

Sit ‘em – RB Joseph Randle: 19 carries and only 65 yards.  That’s about what we figured for him.  An unremarkable game by most accounts.

We missed…

Start ‘em – RB Bilal Powell: Well we were right that someone was going to run for 100 yards against the Patriots. For some reason Powell was phased out and Ivory ran the rock 34 times!

Start ‘em – RB Trent Richardson: Maybe he just isn’t as good as people think he is.   He has been struggling and last game was no different. He also lost a crucial fumble.

Sit ‘em – QB Matt Ryan: 273 and 3 TD’s without Julio and Roddy.  Good job Matt Ryan, you should us something even if it was against the Bucs.


Start ‘em – QB Colin Kapernick: 199 yards passing and 68 rushing and a rushing TD, isnt a bad day by any standard.  We just thought he would do more through the air.

Sit’em – Seahawks WR’s: As we have been saying all year its a crapshoot.  Tate and Rice had OK games. Baldwin was the odd man out last week.

Start ‘em – WR Justin Blackmon: 9 targets 6 catches but only 58 yards.  depends on your league, in a PPR he was OK, yardage league not so much.

Start ‘em – WR Pierre Garcon: 8 targets 5 catches for 58 yards.  see above.


:by Ron

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