2013: Start ‘em or Sit ‘em Week 7

Hello again everyone – Week 7 kicks off this evening and if you still need fantasy advice for the week, we’re gonna attempt to bring it to you.

There will be a forthcoming update for the rest of the games.

Seahawks @ Cardinals

Sit’em – Seahawks WR’s:   If you know who to start out of this group, you are either psychic or a liar. maybe both.   The production is too inconsistent to be relied upon.

Buccaneers @ Falcons

Start em – WR Vincent Jackson:  He sure looked healthy last week and went over 100 yards and two TD’s.   He and Mike Glennon might have some chemistry,  I think he is definitely worth the start this week as a WR2 or WR3

Sit ‘em – QB Matt Ryan:  nothing against Matt Ryan here, but with no Julio Jones , Roddy White or Steven Jackson I think he could have a very pedestrian day.  If you have another option, I would go with that.

Rams @ Panthers

Start ‘em –WR Steve Smith: Though I do like the Rams front, I am not as sold on their secondary.  I think that Smith will have a solid game here.  Cortland Finnegan appears to be losing a step, Jenkins on the other side is a good corner, but still inexperienced.

Sit ‘em –Rams offense:  Despite scoring 38 points last week the Rams barely cracked 200 yards of offense.   Aside from a bye week/imjury start for Stacey or Bradford, I don’t think there is a reliable play here.

Bengals @ Lions

Sit ‘em – Lions TE’s: I just don’t think you can count of Fauria to have another monster game or Pettigrew to return to 2011 form at this point.  I mean, Fauria only has 7 receptions on the year.    If you want to roll the dice that he gets in the end zone again, go ahead, but as you know this is a less than reliable strategy for a player that has only 7 catches going into the game.

Start ‘em – QB Andy Dalton:   The Lions have a fierce pass rush, but they have a weak back 4.  I think the “Red Rocket” builds on last week’s performance and has another solid game.  I think this is a good bye week /injury/under performing QB replacement.

Chargers @ Jaguars

Start ‘em – RB Ryan Matthews:  He had his first 100 yard game last week and I think he continues to roll.  I would keep him as a Flex option for now, but he could be the RB2 that most people envisioned when they drafted him.  The fact that he got 20 touches last game bodes well for his fantasy game.

Start ‘em – WR Justin Blackmon:  There is absolutely no reason to keep him on your bench.  San Diego has a week pass Defense and Blackmon has been playing well.  He has developed a bit of a report with Chad Henne.

Bills @ Dolphins

Start ‘em – QB Ryan Tannehill:  See what Andy Dalton did last week to the Bills?  I don’t know if I would expect over 300 yards, but 250+ and 2 TD’s would be a reasonable expectation for Tannehill.   He’s a solid back up or bye week fill in this week.

Patriots @ Jets

Start ‘em – TE Rob Gronkowski : Me Gronk play.  Me Gronk smash.  Me Gronk score touchdown.

Start ‘em – RB Bilal Powell:  With no beef up front(Wilfork) and after putting Mayo on the shelf, the sandwich that is the Patriots D will be susceptible to the run this week.  I don’t think Powell has a monster game, but he is surely worth a flex start.

49ers @ Titans

Start ’em – QB Colin Kapernick: I think they throw some more in this game, mostly out of necessity. Kaep has a solid overall game.  I don’t think he goes off, but I don’t think he is a bad start this week even if they are going into Tenn and facing a good defense.

Texans @ Chiefs

Start ’em – Chiefs Defense – this might be the biggest slam dunk of a start this week. See what they did to the Raiders and Terrell Pryor last week?  something like that.  Less sacks, but maybe an extra turnover.   To start a young QB on the road in Arrowhead in a must win game for your team is not a sound move.  Its a desperate move.

Ravens @ Pittsburgh

Start ‘em – WR Torry  Smith: I don’t think the Steelers will be able to cover him. He and Joe Flacco will have a good day through the air.  Personal wise, the Steelers just don’t have the horses in the back 4.  Also, the Ravens will be looking to feed Smith the ball after only getting one catch last week.

Start’ em – RB Le’von Bell: He is still a flex option.  The Packers ran the ball down Baltimore throat last week.  I think Pittsburgh will try and do the same.   He will surely get his share of touches this week.

Bears @ Redskins

Start ‘em – WR Pierre Garcon: Crepes and Perrier for everyone!  He has been seeing a lot of targets, but I think he has a big game in this one.   The ‘Skins need explosion in the passing game and he brings that.   The Bears corners are good, but I think he gets a long pass in this one.

Browns @ Packers

Start ‘em –TE Jermichael Finley:  A must start this week due to the injuries sustained by Cobb and Jones.  He will be the De facto #2 receiver.  Who does #2 work for?  Aaron Rodgers.  I am expecting at least 7 targets for him this game.  

Cowboys @ Eagles

Sit ‘em – RB Joseph Randle:  Listen, I know you are super psyched you listened to us and got him off the waiver wire.  I get it.  You might have to start him this week.  I get it.   I just don’t see him running wild at all.  Phily’s run defense has been much better in recent weeks; the Cowboys D is a mess so they could be playing from behind, and Phily’s pass defense is as soft as cream cheese.  He will get his touches, no doubt, but I just wouldn’t count on a giant game from him.  He just isn’t the sure fire start people are building him up to be.  Flex play at best.

Broncos @ Colts

Start ‘em – RB Trent Richardson: In a game where there is an embarrassment of offensive riches on both sides of the field, I think Richardson is a bit of a secret weapon.  The Colts offense is more ball control than last year, I am going to assume that the Colts try and control the clock with long drives and they feed Trent the ball.   He will definitely get his touches in this game.   Manning can’t score when he is on the sideline

-Ron and Mike

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