2013 Week 6: We Told You So

Let’s do a little scorecard review of how our Week 6 Sit/Start advice went.  We do this to show, that hey – sometimes you have the right rationale and things don’t work out, sometimes you make a great call, and sometimes – well you’re just wrong from the get-go

We Told you so

Sit ‘em – Giants Defense – they gave up 372 yards, 27 points and didn’t affect a turn the ball over or get any sacks

Start ‘em- QB Joe Flacco:  342 yards and a td.  A nice day against a defense that is on a downward trend.   I would have liked another TD, but he exceeded my yardage expectation.

Sit ‘em – Any Ram until proven otherwise: The rams only had 216 yards of offense in this game.  Unacceptable.  Their D and St got points based on the Houston implosion and TJ Yates.  I’m still not sure what to think of this team.

 Sit ‘em – QB Terrell Pyror: He was sacked 10 times, threw 3 picks only 216 yards and ran 6 times for 60yards  rushing.  He actually did a little better than I thought, but still had a very rough day.   Starting a young QB in Arrowhead against a good team is a tough play.  I think Pryor has a good future, but you have to be judicious on the starts.

Start ‘em – WR Justin Blackmon: We were thinking garbage time for this game, but he was primetime.  Blackmon played great.  With steadier QB play, he has the potential to be a elite player. 14 Catches  for 190 yards .   A TD would have icing on the cake.

Sit ‘em – Marques Colston:  Colston is becoming a match up play based on his low and inconsistent production.  One catch for 11 yards on 3 targets is not a good day for anyone, let alone a guy your drafted to be a WR1 or WR2

Sit ‘em – RB Joique Bell:  33 yards total offense.  The pride of Wayne State, has been a little banged up.  Couple that with Reggie Bush’s excellent play, and it’s hard for him to get touches.    I still think he is a valuable player, but only as a spot start until proven otherwise.

Start ‘em  – WR Terrance Williams:  2 catches for 27 yards and a TD.   The touchdown salvaged the day.  The excellent special teams play of Dallas made this game hard to evaluate from a offensive perspective.

Start ‘em WR Keenan Allen:  9 catches for 107 yards and 1 td on  12 targets . If you own him and he can keep this up, you may have struck fantasy gold.


Oops we missed…

A few misses…

Sit’em QB’s Nick Foles : This guy threw for 3 TD’s, 296 yard and ran for another TD. If that isn’t a miss, I don’t know what is.  However, as a backup QB’s first start of the year, against a solid D on the road, I would still find it hard to recommend a start.   But ya, we swung and missed on this one.

Start ‘em – WR Alshon Jeffery: Well this was a total whiff.   1 catch for 27 yards on 5 targets.

Start ‘em- TE Tyler Eifert:  When Andy Daulton throws for over 300 yards you  expect more out of him.  2 catches for 13 yards.

Start ‘em WR Jeremy Kerley: 2 catches for 19 isn’t going to cut the mustard.   I am surprised by this lack of production. The Steelers defense played well and QB Geno Smith played like a rookie is going to play, inconsistent.

Start ‘em- WR Golden Tate:   5 catches for 33 yards on 7 targets.  The targets are encouraging, the yardage total is not.  Seattles WR’s are a crapshoot.

Some Examples of our “pushes”

Start ‘em- Texans Defense:  it wasn’t their fault they lost. Yes, the Texans team gave up 38 points.  Most of that had to do with turnovers.  The Texans defense only gave up 210 yards of offense!

Start ‘em- WR Greg Jennings: He had the targets at 10 and catches at 6, but only 34 yards.   If you are in a PPR league, this might have been OK for you.  If you are in a pure yardage league, this was unacceptable.    10 targets is a good omen moving forward.  Obviously, the yardage totals need to increase to make Jennings a viable start week to week.

Start ‘em TE Robert Gronkowski:  Well he didn’t play.  Providing you paid attention to the injury reports, this is an incomplete.  If you didn’t look at the injury report and started him blindly, oops our bad.

Start ‘em- anyone wearing orange possibly even the guy in the barrel. – Holy hell – if you have any Broncos – Manning, Demarius Thomas, Julius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker, Knowshon Moreno, even Kicker Matt Prater –   because we told you to start everyone, this would really depend on whom you started.  Overall, it’s a mixed bag.  The Jaguars played much better than anyone anticipated.  There is some pride in Jacksonville and that is good for the league.


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