2013: Start ‘em or Sit ‘em Week 6

Hello again everyone – Week 6 kicks off this evening and if you still need fantasy advice for the week, we’re gonna attempt to bring it to you. We’re a bit behind this week on our own personal score card (We Told You So), but we hope to have week 5 results out soon….but trust me, we have a good record with this 🙂 So here’s some friendly advice for you on this week’s starts or sits – and we’ll try not to make it condescendingly obvious either.

Giants @ Bears  

Sit ‘em – Giants Defense: If you have this defense still, for some ungodly reason please don’t play them tonight.  In fact, do yourself a favor and drop them.

Start ‘em – WR Alshon Jeffery:  As we predicted in the preseason, Jeffery is finally becoming a big time player.   There is no reason not to expect 10+ points from him this week.

Bengals @ Bills

Start ‘em- TE Tyler Eifert: He is getting more comfortable as he plays more.  It looks like Andy Dalton is gaining confidence in him.  He has been on the upward tick and it will continue this week.

Packers @ Ravens

Sit ‘em – Packers Defense:  They lost Clay Mathews that in and of itself is a giant blow.  They looked good last week against a Calvin Johnson-less Lions team, but I do not see that kind of output again this week on the road.

Start ‘em- QB Joe Flacco:  Did I mention losing Clay Mathews was a big blow to the Packers’ defense?  The Ravens’ line has been playing awful this year.   I mean, really bad.  I think the acquisition of  Eugene Monroe helps; it’s a wakeup call to the rest of the line.   In addition, Jacoby Jones returns.  That will help balance the passing attack and I think this all adds up to a good start for Flacco.

Rams @ Texans

Sit ‘em – Any Ram until proven otherwise: They played well last week you say. Bradford and Stacy put up some numbers you say.  I say they played the Jaguars.  That means nothing.  Just a blip on the radar.  If they have success this week, I will start to believe.  Otherwise sit unless you have to start someone.

Start ‘em- Texans Defense:  They played poorly last week in SF.  They will be looking for some home cooking to right the ship.  Too bad for the Rams, this Texans defense will tear them up.

Raiders @ Chiefs

Sit ‘em – QB Terrell Pyror: I am not hating on Pryor at all.  I like him much more than I thought I would.  He is playing well and could be the future.  Going into Arrowhead for any QB is a huge task, doing that for the first time as a starter is monumental.  As I said I like Pryor, just not this week, in this venue, against that D.

Panthers @Vikings

Start ‘em- WR Greg Jennings:  He and Matt Cassel Might have a bit of a rapport developing.  If you need a WR this week, you could do a lot worse than this.  At this point he’s a low WR2 but a solid WR3.

Titans @ Seahawks

Sit ‘em – Titans Defense: In their current state the Seahawks offense is no offensive juggernaut.   I do feel that the Titans will give up a good number of points based on Offense, Defense and ST and Seattle is a different team at home.   This isn’t a terrible play, but if you have another option go for that.

Start ‘em- WR Golden Tate:  Having Pro Bowl Center Max Unger back will help with the pass protection and so will being at home.  Tate played well last week and he could have had more if he wasn’t called for a very questionable OPI.  That would have given him an extra 40 yards.    I think he could have a game this week. He is worth the start as a WR3 if you are having bye week or injury issues.

Steelers @ Jets

Start ’em WR Jeremy Kerley: For all their woes the Steelers defense is still rated 5th against the pass this season, but I do think Kerley makes an interesting flex play this weekend.  With Santonio Holmes out, and Stephen Hill being banged up and well..Stephen Hill – Geno Smith is learning to rely on Kerley as a nice safety value.   Kerley went over 60 yards and a TD last week, and he is a sneaky bet to repeat that performance.

Start ’em RB Le’Veon Bell: The Jets have the 2nd best rush defense in the league so for the 2nd time in this game I seem to be flying in the face of logic a little. But odds are if you drafted Bell and stuck with him til last week, or if you recently picked him off waivers – you can’t be happy with your current RB2 or flex situation.  Maybe you got stuck with duds like Ryan Matthews or former Steeler Rashard Mendenhall, or maybe you have been hit by the David Wilson injury…the fact is, I know you need Bell…you want to start him.  I say go ahead without fear, he had a great season debut last week and even though the matchup this week is less favorable Bell will be a centerpiece of the offense and should give you a chance to cash in with RB2 value.

Eagles at Buccaneers

Sit’em QB’s Nick Foles & Mike Glennon: It’s only week 6 and boy how things have changed for these two teams.  Glennon is the beneficiary of the Josh Freeman saga, while Foles steps back into Philly’s plan with a chance to play while Michael Vick is on the sidelines.  Glennon had last week off and he gets to play an Eagles defense that has just struggled all season, but it’s tough to imagine the rookie is really ready to go.  He’s likely not even owned in standard 10-12 team leagues.  Foles I advised as a waiver pickup this week, but that was a speculative add against his future changes of challenging Vick for the starter’s job down the line.  Tampa has a decent, but not spectacular defense which plays better against the run than the pass  – but likewise it’s tough to imagine Foles and Chip Kelly adjusting the offense from Vick in just one week.  You likely have better options on your team even if you picked him up – but if Foles does succeed this week…then maybe he’s a “start” sooner than later.

Jaguars at Broncos

Start ’em- wearing orange possibly even the guy in the barrel. – Holy hell – if you have any Broncos – Manning, Demarius Thomas, Julius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker, Knowshon Moreno, even Kicker Matt Prater – it would be tough for you to bench any of them with this sweet matchup.  I would say if you have bye week or injury issues that even Ronnie Hillman and Montee Ball are worth “what the heck” type of flex plays given the potential for garbage time here.

Start ’em WR Justin Blackmon – I don’t really think the game will be close, and that’s a good thing if your a Jaguars player in the passing game.  Mostly you need sheer volume to succeed in Jacksonville right now b/c neither Gabbert or Chad Henne (this week’s contestant on “what the hell are they doing down there”) are accurate enough to do a lot with a little.  They’ll be behind in this one, they’ll have to throw a ton – Blackmon was hot last week in his season debut, and he should roll that over- albeit in garbage time.

Saints at Patriots

Start ’em TE Robert Gronkowski:  Maybe this is just wishful thinking from a guy who owns Gronk in a few leagues this season, but the time is coming when Gronkowski reminds us – that yes the Pats can throw the ball, and yes Gronkowski is a special player.  Reports look like he’ll suit up this weekend, and there is always the danger that not only will he carry rust into this game, but that Bellichick and company might ease him into action as a decoy.  I’m advising a start though (if he plays) because like Bell you’ve probably held him since the draft and you probably don’t have a great option in front of him.  For all of the negative things about a player coming back in his 1st game from injury, there is something to be said for Brady forcing him the ball to kickstart a connection as well.  It really could go either way, and if you’re holding the Gronk card I don’t see much harm in tossing it down this week – unless you’ve got a top 5 TE with a great matchup.

Sit ’em Marques Colston: This is a qualified “sit ’em”.  If you need Colston this matchup is not particularly bad for him, but he;s no longer a must start every week at this point in the season.  I have fond memories of Colston winning me a league in his rookie season when I picked him up off of waivers. But injuries have seemed to plague Colston since then, and then this season he seems to be lower in the teams spread out pecking order than ever before.  Colston is behind TE Jimmy Graham and RB Darren Sproles as the focal points of the offense and it’s creating a lot of inconsistency for him (he caught just 2 passes last week).  I just think for most of the rest of this season you have to start betting on Colston more as a WR3 than a WR2 – and so he becomes a matchup play – so consider your bench options this week before you make a decision to start him.

Lions at Browns

Start ’em RB Willis McGahee – Much as I like the talent of RB Bobby Rainey, it’s clear that last Thursday against the Bills McGahee’s 72 yard and a TD performance put that committee idea to bed for now.  In 3 games McGahee is averaging just slightly above a terrible 2.5 ypc, but the Browns just keep handing him the ball as he has averaged over 15 attempts a game – including 26 just last week.  That kind of workload will help production no matter how he struggles, and to make matters better – he has the Lions and their 26th ranked rush defense this week. 20 or more carries against the Lions should equal success McGahee is a def flex or even RB2 play this week.

Sit ’em RB Joique Bell:  Bell was a nice early season surprise and can still be worth flex plays even with Reggie Bush healthy.  However, those plays have to be against good matchups and the Browns’ 8th ranked run defense is not one of those matchups.  Look somewhere else this weekend.

Redskins at Cowboys

Start ’em WR Terrance Williams:  I said it when he was drafted, at best Williams is an average talent, and maybe even below that – but just like Kevin Olgetree for one week last season, and Laurent Robinson for the entire 2011 season – the 3rd WR option/Miles Austin fill-in can be good for a fantasy run.  Williams is in the middle of that run now, and with the Redskins horrific pass defense coming to town you don’t want to think about benching him now.  As Miles Austin gets healthier Williams value may shrink – but for now he is a borderline WR2 start considering this matchup.

Start ’em TE Jordan Reed: I have a sneaky feeling about Reed in this one.  He was starting to come on, and then was hurt before the Redskins’ bye last week.  Assuming he’s ready to go with the week of rest, Reed makes an interesting option against a Cowboys defense that has been burned by TE’s (albeit more established ones) the past 2 games.  This game may not be a shootout on the order of Denver and Dallas…but points should be scored and Reed may be a bigger part of the gameplan than he’s been so far.  He’s a risk worth playing over TE’s with low ceilings the like of Kyle Rudolph or Brandon Myers, because the Redskins seem to be ready to make Reed their TE of the future and have had a week off to get him more involved.

Colts at Chargers

Start ’em RB Donald Brown:What the heck?  I hear you thinking.  Obviously this is a deeper “start” for your flex position or RB3 if you’ve got some bye problems or injury concerns.  However, it’s not as far fetched as it may 1st appear.  Brown should be owned in all leagues at this point as Trent Richardson’s primary backup (Ahmad Bradshaw was put on season ending I/R this week), and he is doing great with his limited carries averaging 8 YPC on only about 4 touches a game.  Brown’s real value is should Trent Richardson get hurt, but against poor run defense teams like the 24th ranked Chargers Brown has a homerun chance of a long run and a score.  There are many guys you start ahead of Donald this week, but I’m saying if you are backed into a corner and thinking about starting a guy like Marcel Reese or Brandon Jacobs – Brown is worth considering as a longshot chance.

Start ’em WR Keenan Allen & WR Vincent Brown: I like Brown more than Allen, Ron likes Allen more than Brown – and if you somehow own both – make your own choice please don’t gamble on both.  If you only own one however it’s time to put these young Chargers WR’s in your lineup as a WR3.  Both look to be over their chronic injury issues (for the moment) and Philip Rivers is developing the chemistry needed to make them potential breakout players.

-Ron and Mike

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