2013 Week 3: We Told You So

It’s that time of the week again, where before we release our Sit and Starts for Week 4, that we have to look back on our calls from Week 3.   From the Browns and Colts winning to the Giant collapse in Carolina,  Week 3 was the most unpredictable one we’ve had yet in 2013.  Reviewing our fantasy advice from last week reflects that difficulty, but as an owner you have to make the calls that make sense to you and let fate play it out.   Let’s check our some of our report card…

We Told you so…

Sit ’em: TE Brent Celek – 2 catches for 18 yards.   Celek is a solid TE in a great situation, but he’s not so talented that he’s an every week play.  The Chiefs continue to hold the TE position in check.

Sit ’em RB David Wilson: 11 carries for 39 yards.   I maintain Wilson will have some fantasy use ahead (he had a TD called back in this one), but the Giants are a mess right now so he’s tough to trust.   Why did he not catch a pass in this one?

Start ’em RB DeAngelo Williams: My slam dunk of the week.  120 yards for Williams, with the normal complaint that they just can’t find him the endzone.

Sit ’em RB James Starks:  14 carries for 55 yards, and then he got hurt.  Next up Jonathan Franklin. The Green Bay RB situation is a constant temptress that will break your heart again and again….unless you checked our advice 🙂

Sit ’em RB Steven Ridley: Ridley owners I think you should be more worried than David Wilson owners. 11 carries for just 35 yards.  Wilson is force fed the ball despite struggling, Ridley is being phased out right in front of our eyes.  It’s clear New England would rather roll with the Shane Vereen or Brandon Bolden pass catching type than the hard-nosed Ridley 3 YPC.  When Vereen comes back Ridley may well be a fantasy bench mainstay.

Sit ’em RB Mark Ingram: Mark Ingram missed Week 3 with a toe injury.  He had about the same production he usually has….boo-yah!

Sit ’em WR Eddie Royal – Royal had just 2 catches for 34 yards.  He was due to come back to earth, he still has potential as a fantasy reserve in most leagues.

Start ’em TE Antonio Gates: 5 catches for 55 yards and a 1 TD.  Gates will never be the #1 fantasy TE at this point in his career, but he is still very capable of getting it done with good matchups.

Start ’em RB Joique Bell: And I made this call when I thought Reggie Bush would play a little. 63 yards on the ground, 69 yards in the passing game, and a TD.  Bell is a viable flex starter when Bush is healthy, when he’s not like this past weekend Bell is a viable RB2.  There’s just too much production in the Lions’ offense right now.

Sit ’em TE Fred Davis: Davis was injured for this game and didn’t suit up.  No one really noticed, because he’s being phased out of the weekly gameplan in DC.  When healthy he’ll be a desperation TE play only.

Sit ’em RB Steelers whomever it is: RB Jonathan Dwyer and RB Felix Jones totaled 73 yards together and nearly split that down the middle.  Their receiving total was about 20 yards and they split that as well.  Isaac Redmon watched from the bench.  Let this be a warning to hopeful Le’Veon Bell owners – it’s going to be a tough road for the Steelers this year.

Oops we missed…

Start ’em WR Anquan Boldin: Boldin’s 5 catches for 67 is actually kind of impressive considering how bad the Niners’ offense looked.  He was hurt by the lack of a secondary option like TE Vernon Davis who was out with injury.

Start ’em: RB Ben Tate: I’m convinced Tate is put on this earth to confuse and frustrate me.  9 carries for 36 yards against a tough Ravens’ run d, Tate remains a tease – but it’s not like starter Arian Foster tore it up either.

Sit ’em: RB Bernard Pierce –67 yards and a score. It was just about a 3 yard average but Pierce was named the full starter for this one after I made the call to sit ’em (of course) and his 24 carry workload got him the production.  In his regular role we would’ve been correct.

Start ’em TE Tyler Eifert: It’s official Andy Dalton is having trouble connecting with the rookie.  1 catch for 7 yards? Eifert’s talent is currently being wasted.

Sit ’em RB Demarco Murray: My biggest miss of the week – 175 yards and a TD, plus 28 yards in the air?  I was right that the Rams have an overrated defense…I just did not think the Cowboys would use him that much. Wow.

Sit ’em WR Josh Gordon: 147 yards and a long TD.  In his 1st game back?  With Brian Hoyer chucking it?  Yeah this was completely unforeseeable.  Gordon did have an insane 19 targets, and his TD happened not with anything special he did, but rather a terribly blown coverage that had no defender within 10 yards of him.  So the stats don’t tell the whole story.  Still this is fantasy football so the stats are what matters.  It was an incredible 2013 debut.

Start ’em WR Andre Roberts:  For the 2nd week in a row, Roberts had a TD look robbed – in Week 2 it was pass interference against him, this week Carson Palmer overthrew him when he was wide open.  Instead he finished with just one catch for 6 yards.  Oh what could’ve been…

Start ’em RB Chris Ivory: Ivory had one carry, got hurt again…and then watched Bilal Powell run well with a real workload.   Ivory indicated after the game that his hamstring has been hindering him since training camp, and given his history the Jets may shut him down for many weeks.

Start ’em RB Knowshon Moreno: Coming off a big week it makes sense that Denver would give him only 12 carries.  God damn this is Green Bay but worse.  I’m not saying Moreno is a worldbeater (he managed a little over 3 YPC), but how can rookie Montee Ball get 11, and Hillman get 9…when both of them have proven to have fumble problems?  I mean Ball fumbled again in this one late…is it because they spent draft picks on these guys?  Any hope of Moreno putting the stranglehold on this job, just went out the window.

Some examples of our “pushes”…

Start ’em: QB Alex Smith – This one depends on your expectations and league scoring.  That Smith had no TD’s was disappointing, but he did finish with 273 yards, no turnovers, and kicked in 32 yards rushing.   That may not scream starter to you…but if say you had a guy like QB Eli Manning starting instead of him in week 3…wouldn’t you kill for this type of day?

Start ’em Minnesota Defense: Depends a lot on your league scoring, but they definitely disappointed allowing Brian Hoyer to pass for over 300 yards and 3 scores.  However, they did somewhat salvage their day with 4 turnovers and 3 sacks – so again depends on how much your league penalizes for points/yardage vs rewards turnovers/sacks.

Sit ’em WR Kendall Wright: 6 catches for 71 yards.  With a long of 19 yards, Wright beat my expectations by a little, but he’s still primarily a short possession guy.  This would’ve been about a 7 point fantasy production in standard leagues, would that have been good for you?  Depends on what you needed from him.

Sit ’em RB Jacquizz Rodgers: Inexplicably the Falcons gave their lighter scat back style RB 18 carries, and he only got one catch.  While they gave Jason Snelling (a real rb) 11 carries and 4 catches.  Rodgers produced 86 yards and no scores, and frankly without the 18 carries he wouldn’t have gotten much done.  8 standard fantasy points is yours to judge.

:by Mike

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