2013 Week 2: We told you so

So before we come out with our Sits/Starts for the week tomorrow, let’s look back at our recommendations for Week 2 and see how they played out. We’re not always going to be right, and to claim so would be a lie pretty easily transparent.  Heck, in my own personal fantasy leagues I went 1-4 in Week 2, sometimes Lady Luck takes a holiday on you.

We told you so…Week 2

Start ‘em: QB Aaron Rodgers & QB Robert Griffin IIIRG3 has been a a disappointing “real life” QB coming off his injury, but for fantasy purposes his garbage points have been a boon.

Start ‘em: WR Jordy Nelson, WR Randall Cobb, WR James Jones, and TE Jermichael Finely. – see James Jones owners?  149, and he fumbled away a TD Leon Lett style.  Just insane ouput for all of these guys.

Start ‘em: RB CJ Spiller – 129 total yards, after only about 40 in Week 1.  Why Fred Jackson is getting goalline work is beyond me.

Start ‘em: TE Greg Olsen – 7 for 84 yards and a TD.  Imagine if Cam Newton ever really settles down and develops accuracy?

Sit ‘em: WR Kenny Britt – 4 catches for 28 yards was actually an improvement from Week 1.  As we recommended in our Waiver Add/Drop article yesterday – it’s time to cut Britt in standard redraft leagues.

Start ‘em TE Owen Daniels: Owen once again adds a TD to his stat line.  His catch #’s and yards may fluctuate throughout the season – but he will always be a high priority redzone option for Matt Schaub.

Start ’em RB Lamar Miller – 69 yards and a TD on just 14 carries.  And this is why you don’t panic over week 1 disappointments – especially with young players.

Sit ‘em: Brian Hartline – I like Hartline and I’ve owned him before, but as I said some weeks there just aren’t gonna be enough balls to go round.

Start ’em Mike Wallace  – 115 yards and a TD.  There was no way the Dolphins would ignore him 2 weeks in a row.

Start ‘em: TE Jordan Cameron – 95 yards.  Cameron nearly had back to back 100 yard weeks for a TE.  That probably hasn’t happened in Cleveland since Ozzie Newsome himself suited up.

Start ‘em: RB LeSean McCoy – McCoy can just kill you so many ways.  114 yards receiving this week.

Start ’em: QB Michael Vick: 428 yards and 2 Td’s.  Vick is once again a FFL MVP type of player – health is always a concern, but you have to ride him when he’s out there.

Sit ’em: WR Anquan Boldin – from 200 yards in Week 1 to 7 yards in Week 2.  Looks like Ron doesn’t have to eat his hat.

Start ‘em: Doug Martin – 144 yards on the ground.  With 29 carries hes emerging as one of the last few workhorse RB’s.

Start ‘em: Jay Cutler- 290 yards and 3 TD’s against 2 Int’s is a pretty strong day.

We missed on…

Sit ’em – RB Alfred Morris – 120 Yards.  If I can take credit for Rg3’s garbage time numbers I guess I have to take the blame for Morris’ garbage time compilation.

Sit ’em: WR Stevie Johnson –  8 catches for 110 yards and the game winning TD. Pretty much about as big a middle finger to a bench recommendation as there is – he led the team with 10 targets.

Sit ’em: RB Ahmad Bradshaw – 65 and a TD, the TD bailed out what would been an average day, but that’s what TD’s do.

Start ’em RB Maurice Jones-Drew – 10 carries for just 27 yards.  If you can’t get it done against Oakland (especially a TD) than I have real concerns that this is finally the twilight of pocket Hercules.

Start ’em QB Terrell Pryor – 126 yards passing, 50 yards rushing. No Td’s.  I called it, the minute we recommend him – he goes south on us.

Start ’em TE  Vernon Davis – Davis was held down even before he injured himself, if he gets healthy he’ll have better weeks.

Start ‘em: David Wilson – Wilson is definitely in a downward trend.  The team simply cannot run the football.

Start ‘em: Kenny Stills – 1 catch for 10 yards.  He was a victim of the entire Saints offense struggling and when clicking, clicking through TE Jimmy Graham.

Start ‘em: Miles Austin – Just 3 catches for 31 yards.

Sit ‘em: Kyle Rudolph42 and a TD. This is the typical limit of his upside, so it’s tough to know when it will happen.

Start ’em: TE Jared Cook – 1 catch for 10 yards.  He did get 6 targets and should have bigger weeks ahead.

Start ’em: Steven Ridley – Just 40 yards, if I own Ridley in redraft leagues I am waiting til he has a big week and then trying to trade him before Vereen comes back.

Examples of some of our “pushes”…you make the call whether we got it or not.

Sit ’em Ben Tate:  Tech my reasoning was right – Tate only got nine carries in this one, and when the game was literally on the line at the goalline, the Texans gave the ball to Arian Foster on both the TD, and the game tying 2 point conversion.  However,  Tate was somehow able to get 93 yards on those few carries and 9 points production can be pretty good for you in standard leagues.

Start ‘em: RB Deangelo Williams – 85 yards without a score may not be the best, but it was his 2nd week in a row of reasonable flex type production.

Sit ‘em: RB Ben Jarvis Green Ellis & RB Gio Bernarda split decision.  BJE would’ve only netted you 7 points in a standard league, but Gio’s 2 Td’s would’ve had you north of 18 pts in standard leagues.   So we’ll call this one half right.

Start ‘em: RB Steven Jackson – Jackson got injured after scoring an early TD so I’m giving an Inc grade on this one.

:by Mike

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