2013 Week 1: We told you so…

This is a review of our Start’em and Sit’em in week one.  Unlike other sites, we hold ourselves accountable.  This is a weekly review of how we did.

We told you so…Week 1

Start ‘em- Andre Johnson- 12 for 146. Rumors of his demise look to be unfounded.
Start ‘em –Miles Austin-10 for 72 a PPR dream. He looked healthy. Could be a boon for the few that took a chance on himin the draft.
Sit ‘em – Cardinals Running backs –26 carries for 86 yards. Mendenhall looked OK, Alfonso Smith was ineffective. Weak line play all around. Not a great situation
Start ‘em-Vernon Davis- 6 for 98 and a TD. If he and Kaep are on the same page this year…watch out.
Sit ‘em – Lamar Miller- 11 touches for 10 yards. That is not going to cut it. Be very worried if you own him.
Sit ‘em – BenJarvis Green Ellis- 14 rushes for 25 yards… salvaged the day for anyone who started him by scoring a TD. It might be time to get concerned here.
Start ‘em- Martellus Bennett – 3 for 49 and a TD Could have had more as he was targeted 6 times
Start ‘em- Greg Olsen – 5 for 56 and would have had more if he didn’t have 2 or 3 drops. 10 targets is promising.
Start ‘em- Russell Wilson – 320 yards and a TD. Red zone miscues cost him a few more opportunities.

Sit ‘em – Cecil Shorts – 3 for 40 yards on 11 targets. Yikes. 11 targets, at least he is getting chances. I love the talent but his situation worries me some.
Start ‘em – Jamaal Charles – 77 yards rushing, 23 receiving and a td. He would have had more if he didn’t get dinged up in the 3rd quarter.
Sit ‘em – Jets – Only Rookie Geno Smith and TE Kellen Windslow did anything here. If you started either of those guys, you are either clairvoyant or a liar.
Sit ‘em- Jake Locker – 11 for 20 and 125 yards… Jake you still have to prove to me you are worth a start.
Start ‘em – Torry Smith- 4 for 92. Probably would have gotten more if Jacoby Jones didn’t get hurt.
Start ‘em – Demarius Thomas – 5 for 161 and 2 TDs. This guy is a monster.

Sit ‘em – Greg Jennings- 3 for 33. This is not a good sign vs. a leaky Lions secondary. Hopefully is just a one week anomaly

We swung, we missed

Sit ‘em – Any Raider unless it’s Darren McFadden – Terrell Pryor, we are sorry. You are fantasy relevant.
Start ‘em- Frank Gore – 21 for 44 and a TD. Not bad, but we were expecting more.
Start ‘em- Chris Givens- 2 for 27. He didn’t get behind the D like we expected him to.
Start ‘em – Steven Ridley- 9 rushes for 46 yards. If he could only hold onto the ball…

Sit ‘Em Mike Vick –  We sure missed here, but going into Week 1 with no knowledge of the offense or how Vick was going to be used, I think this was a strategic sit.

The rest of our picks were pushes, neither good nor bad


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