2013: Start ’em or Sit ’em Week 1

Ravens at Broncos

  • Start ‘emDemarius Thomas – Though I like the Raven pass rush, I don’t like their corners much, save Lardius Webb and he  is coming off an injury. The Broncos passing offense should have a good day
  • Start ‘emTorry Smith – The lack of a pass rush is going to give Flacco time and Torry Smith will be open.
  • Sit ‘emBroncos Defense– Shawn Philips will be their only legit presence off the edge with Von Miller on suspension. I see this game as a shootout.

Patriots at Bills

  • Start ‘em – Steven Ridley– I have a feeling this game could get out of hand at some point and the Pats will salt away the game with the run.
  • Sit ‘em – Anyone on buffalo aside from CJ spiller. This is a tough spot for the Bills. Though I think a few guys will get some points in garbage time, nothing can be counted on here.

Titans at Steelers

  • Start ‘em- Ben Rothlesburger – I have little confidence in the Titans Defense. Big Ben was having a great year last year until he got hurt. He and Todd Haley will continue where they left off last year an have a good week 1.
  • Sit ‘em- Jake Locker – He has to show me something this year before I can start him on the road in Pittsburgh. Sorry Jake

Falcons at Saints

  • Start ‘em – Aside from the obvious guys here, I really like Stephen Jackson this week. I think he will start his Falcons career with a bang.
  • Sit ‘em – The Defenses – Would you really consider starting any of these defenses against these offenses? Pick your other defense this week. Starting one of these defenses could actually lose you points.

Buccaneers at Jets

  • Start ‘em –Bucs Defense – Do I really love this defense? No. Do I really dislike the Jets offense? Yes.
  • Sit ‘em – Jets – Yes, sit anyone on the Jets this week. This team will need a few weeks to find itself and gain confidence. In addition, there is a Rookie QB playing for the first time and the starting Running back situation is up in the air.

Chiefs at Jaguars

  • Start ‘em – Jamaal Charles – OK, so I know there was little chance you weren’t going to start him, but he is a great play this week.
  • Sit ‘em – Cecil Shorts – with the QB situation in Jax a gametime decision, I am not confident this week in Shorts. He could get some garbage time yards, but I don’t think he is a guy to count on this week. This offense might take a little time to develop.

Seahawks at Panthers

  • Start ‘em- Greg Olsen – I think he will be the main target for Cam in this game. As talented as the Seahawks defense is, I think Olsen will have a good game.
  • Start ‘em- Russell Wilson – though I like the Panthers front 7, I think they have some serious problems in the secondary. Wilson passes for 250 and 2 tds
  • Sit ‘em – DeAngelo Williams. He seems to be on the decline and going against Seattle’s D. even though they are depleted on the D line, D willy still not a good play.

Bengals at Bears

  • Start ‘em- Martellus Bennett – As much as I like the Bengals D, I don’t love their safeties. He could have a big game.
  • Sit ‘em – BenJarvis Green Ellis- Yes, he should get goal line carries, but I am not sure how many touches he actually gets in this game. Unless you have to, I would avoid this start

Dolphins at Browns

  • Start ‘em- Devon Bess – He is starting for Josh Gordon, he should be a sneaky good WR 3 play if you are looking for a guy for that slot this week
  • Sit ‘em – Lamar Miller – I like Clevelands Defense a lot this year, particularly their front 7. Miller has not shown me a lot yet. Of course if you drafted Miller as your RB2, you might not have a choice of not starting him.

Vikings at Lions

  • Start ‘em- Kyle Rudolph – I think he has a big game against a perpetually leaky Lions secondary
  • Sit ‘em – Greg Jennings – I am not sure if the Vikings Offense will feature him and we need to see if Ponder takes the next step at QB. Wait and see here.

Raiders at Colts

  • Start ‘em- Reggie Wayne – He will have a big day. The Raiders can’t cover anyone.
  • Sit ‘em – Any Raider unless it’s Darren McFadden- you believe in Terrell Pryor? Ya, I didn’t think so.

Packers at 49ers

  • Start ‘em- Frank Gore – With all the focus on Kaepernick, I think Gore has a very effective day.
  • Start ‘em-Vernon Davis- Who else is Kaep gonna throw to? In addition, you know the Packers will be looking to stop the read option. The 49ers embarrassed the Pack in last years playoff win. Davis should find room in against the Pack
  • Sit ‘em –Eddie Lacy- Starting any RB against that defense is a test. Starting a rookie with an average line is not a prudent move.

Cardinals at Rams

  • Start ‘em- Chris Givens – A lot of talk about Tavon Austin this offseason, but Givens is a burner who had a very good rookie year. He makes a few plays this week.
  • Sit ‘em – Cardinals Running backs – I don’t like the Cards line and the Rams have a very good front 4. Medenhall is nicked up. I think the Cards throw the ball a lot.

Giants at Cowboys

  • Start ‘em –Miles Austin- I like him to bounce back this year, if he stays healthy. He should have plenty of One-on-one matchups on the outside.
  • Sit ‘em – Bret Myers – Let’s see if the Giants are really going to use this guy


Eagles at Redskins

  •  Start ‘em- Pierre Garcon – If healthy, he and RG3 will have a great year together.
  • Sit ‘em – Mike Vick- don’t get me wrong I like Vick this year, but that all stems from how they use him in this offense. Wait and see with him.

Texans at Chargers

  • Start ‘em- Houston Defense – Until the Chargers offense gets on track, has better line play, and can run the ball… the opposing Defense is a good play as long as they can pressure the QB and Houston can do just that.
  • Start ‘em- Andre Johnson- of course you were going to start him, right? He should have a big game against a secondary that is not very good.
  • Sit ‘em – Philip Rivers – If you get penalized for turn overs in your league, stay away from this one. Houstons Defense will be all over Rivers in this game


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