2013 Preseason: 3 Round Mock Draft – The “in Writing” Version

As heard on our soon-to-be “award winning” podcast, here’s Ron’s, Tim’s and my very own’s mock draft results.   We did 3 rounds assuming a 12 team league, and generalized scoring format in a NON-PPR style, with at least one flex position starter.  The draft is also in traditional “serpentine” style, the team that gets the 1st pick in Round 1 gets the last pick in Round 2 etc. We each “built” 4 teams here with Ron having the 1st pick, and alternating picks back and forth.  For more info on these choices please take a listen to our podcast here:https://artofscore.wordpress.com/2013/08/24/podcast-mock-draft/

Round 1

1.1  RB Adrian Peterson – Vikings (Ron)
1.2 RB CJ Spiller – Bills (Mike)
1.3 RB Jamal Charles – Chiefs (Tim)
1.4 RB LeSean McCoy – Eagles (Ron)
1.5 RB Arian Foster – Texans (Mike)
1.6 RB Ray Rice – Ravens (Tim)
1.7 TE Jimmy Graham – Saints (Ron)
1.8 WR Calvin Johnson – Lions (Mike)
1.9 RB Marshawn Lynch – Seahawks (Tim)
1.10 RB Trent Richardson – Browns (Ron)
1.11 RB Doug Martin – Bucs (Mike)
1.12 WR AJ Green – Bengals (Tim)

Mike’s 1st Round thoughts: We have RB Doug Martin a lot lower than most. In a PPR, he’s probably worth taking in the 1.8 or 1.9 range, but anything more than that to me is risky. Foster’s recent injury scares provide some value for those in the middle of the round – so much so that TE Jimmy Graham, my pick for a fantasy MVP type of player, got bumped down a spot or two b/c Foster (and his potentially 18-20 TD’s) fell. In PPR Graham is worth selecting as high as 1.2, he’s just got that much of an advantage – and seems on pace for 90+ catches, 1000+ yards and 12+ Td’s which are numbers not likely to be matched by anyone else at the position.

Round 2

2.1 QB Drew Brees – Saints (Tim)
2.2 RB Alfred Morris – Redskins (Mike)
2.3 WR Julio Jones – Falcons (Ron)
2.4 QB Aaron Rodgers – Packers (Tim)
2.5 RB Chris Johnson – Titans (Mike)
2.6 RB Steven Ridley – Patriots (Ron)
2.7 WR Dez Bryant – Cowboys (Tim)
2.8 RB Steven Jackson – Falcons (Mike)
2.9 WR Demarius Thomas – Broncos (Ron)
2.10 RB Maurice Jones Drew – Jaguars (Tim)
2.11 RB Matt Forte – Bears (Mike)
2.12 WR Brandon Marshall – Bears (Ron)

Mike’s 2nd round thoughtsThe RB’s are probably going to go super early, even in your PPR leagues. To me the tier on the very elite guys breaks down somewhere around pick 2.5 – which is not to specifically defend RB Chris Johnson (he was a guy I’m taking as a home-run pick there), but it’s more about giving you a heads up that there about 10 “must own” RB’s this year and the rest are taken depending on team need and taste. QB Aaron Rodgers went about a full round later than he did last year and that just speaks to the fact that the QB class is so strong you don’t feel pressure to pounce on the very top guys as early. If you’re in a PPR – Brandon Marshall probably goes from 2.12 to about 2.4, but I’m not moving a guy like Alfred Morris down – the #1 RB on the #1 rushing team from 2012 is too good to move, unless your PPR is multiple points per reception.

Round 3

3.1 WR Larry Fitzgerald – Cardinals (Ron)
3.2 QB Peyton Manning – Broncos (Mike)
3.3 QB Cam Newton – Panthers (Tim)
3.4 QB Tom Brady – Patriots (Ron)
3.5 WR Andre Johnson – Texans (Mike)
3.6 RB Reggie Bush – Lions (Tim)
3.7 WR Roddy White – Falcons (Ron)
3.8 RB Frank Gore – 49’ers (Mike)
3.9 WR Vincent Jackson – Bucs (Tim)
3.10 WR Marques Colston – Saints (Ron)
3.11 RB Demarco Murray – Cowboys (Mike)
3.12 RB Darren Mcfadden – Raiders (Tim)

Mike’s 3rd round thoughts It’s pretty clear where we think the QB tier is right now as Brady seems to represent the last “elite” guy. But what’s crazy about that is QB’s like Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford, RG3, Russell Wilson, Kapernick, Andrew Luck, and Tony Romo are all potentially top 10 QB’s still available. Then consider Eli Manning, Big Ben, and the Red Rocket Andy Dalton are even available beyond that, and you can see why owners are willing to wait on their QB options. In PPR RB Reggie Bush might deserve to go a whole round higher – like 2.5, the more I see him with the Lions – the more I think even in this non-PPR mock he should’ve snuck into the later round 2. I might be alone on that now, but I don’t think I will be come the end of the year: his workload is going to be gigantic.

Team Results

Team 1
RB Adrian Peterson
WR Brandon Marshall
WR Larry Fitzgerald

Team 2
RB CJ Spiller
RB Matt Forte
QB Peyton Manning

Team 3
RB Jamal Charles
RB Maurice Jones-Drew
QB Cam Newton

Team 4
RB Lesean McCoy
WR Demarius Thomas
QB Tom Brady

Team 5
RB Arian Foster
RB Steven Jackson
WR Andre Johnson

Team 6
RB Ray Rice
WR Dez Bryant
RB Reggie Bush

Team 7
TE Jimmy Graham
RB Steven Ridley
WR Roddy White

Team 8
WR Calvin Johnson
RB Chris Johnson
RB Frank Gore

Team 9
RB Marshawn Lynch
QB Aaron Rodgers
WR Vincent Jackson

Team 10
RB Trent Richardson
WR Julio Jones
WR Marques Colston

Team 11
RB Doug Martin
RB Alfred Morris
RB Demarco Murray

Team 12
WR AJ Green
QB Drew Brees
RB Darren McFadden

Noticeable absences according to generally perceived ADP: WR Victor Cruz, WR Randall Cobb, and QB Matt Ryan – these are just judgement calls based on depth. Cruz’s omission is probably most surprising, but nothing so egregious that it couldn’t be explained.

For more on this 3 round mock please listen to the Mock Draft podcast – https://artofscore.wordpress.com/2013/08/24/podcast-mock-draft/

And for more about draft strategy in general listen to our strategy podcast: https://artofscore.wordpress.com/2013/08/19/podcast-1-2013-draft-strategy/


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