2013 Preseason Week 2: Green Bay @ St Louis

Green Bay

We’ve been hearing all camp about TE Jermichael Finely and it’s tough for me to buy the hype given Finely’s last 2 and a half seasons of dropped passes and terrible attitude.  But, with the injuries to WR Jordy Nelson and WR Randal Cobb (both injuries that could linger into the season) there’s no doubt Finley should get increased opportunities.   He looked great in this one catching 4 passes for 78 yards and I’m beginning to think he’s a real value sleeper if his ADP continues to trend in about the 8th or 9th round.

RB Ed Lacy made his debut in this one – he ran hard, and he even caught a pass complete with a nice spin move.   The debate on how high to draft whomever wins the Green Bay starting RB  job is a hot one (their scheme doesn’t ooze rushing success), but the path towards early down work is becoming clearer.  Lacy threw a nice opening punch in this fight, and he seems to have the lead on securing touches in this offense.

RB James Starks had a fumble which may ultimately be his knockout blow.  With 5 players competing for RB slots on the team, any mistake is crucial – and I would not expect to see much of him in the crucial Preseason Week 3 game.

St Louis

WR Chris Givens continues to look strong for the Rams in a WR competition for touches that is anybody’s guess for 2013.  He pulled in a 57 yarder in this one – which was a great sign for him and QB Sam Bradford that the Rams might finally be airing it out this year after multiple seasons of captain checkdown time.

Of course the guy the Rams drafted to be a deep threat (among other things) WR Tavon Austin seems to be easing his way into the NFL, and after not getting into their 1st preseason game, he followed that up with a 4 catch for 28 yard performance in this one.  As a critic of Tavon’s game, even I wouldn’t read too much into his camp so far – the young WR’s are often eased in this way – but this certainly doesn’t stop me from worrying about his ceiling.

I’ll say it,  the Rams backfield is a mess – and potentially the weakest in football.  When RB Darryl Richardson is your lead back – mostly because of his speed, there are issues.  Richardson is an ok  “try hard” player, and while others (like Ron of this site) are higher on him, this guy would be relegated to a back-up role on at least 30 other teams in the NFL.

Fortunately,  for Richardson his competition for touches in 2013 doesn’t seem to have any major roadblocks.  RB Isiah Pead looks slow and tentative he had a whopping 1.7 yards per carry in this one, and he begins 2013 suspended for 2 games for PED use.

RB Zac Stacey who was a big name after April’s draft, has had a mixed camp – and an average preason game 1 debut.  But he’s also banged up at the moment and did not make an appearance this week.  I’m not saying he’s out of the competition for the Rams lead job, but I think I am saying that the Rams will use a heavy rotation of guys – mostly because all of the guys they have for that job are flawed.

:by Mike

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