2013 Preseason Week 2: Falcons at Ravens


  • Julio Jones is a Monster.  He will be a top 5 WR this year.  Playing with confidence and explosion. He high points the ball as well as anyone in the NFL.
  • Steven Jackson received some carries this game, but didn’t appear to be running with the same authority as he usually does.  He still looked good, but it was clear he was holding back.  I would chalk this up to preseason indifference by a vet.   He is a high RB#2 this year.
  • Josh Vaughn looked good at RB, but I don’t think he makes the roster.
  • Roddy White hurt his ankle.  He is still an underrated WR even if he starts playing second fiddle to Julio this year.  He could be a great value pick this year.


  • Torry Smith is well on his way to being a WR1 this year. On his 77yard td catch and run, he outran everyone to the endzone.
  • Ravens pass rush looks good with Dumervil and Suggs.
  • Aaron Mallette made a nice catch on a 40 yard bomb. He is someone to watch.  There is plenty of opportunity for WR roster spots behind Jones and Smith.
  • As much as I like Brandon Stokley I just don’t think is fantasy relevant
  • The Ravens need Ed Dickson and Dallas Clark to play and stay healthy.  Shiancoe and Bajema  aren’t going to get it done.

By Ron

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